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The Tale of Two Zündapps

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Driver Side - DAK Motorcyclist figure, Sidecar - Leutnant Klaus Koenig (click to view larger photo)

The original Zündapp motorcycle with sidecar was first developed and manufactured by Tinís, with the first run produced in 2004 for Schuco exclusively for sale in the German market. At a later date, Tinís approached Dragon and offered the Zündapp exclusively for sale in the North American market. Dragon was quick to realize that the Schuco version had inherent problems and weak packaging. Therefore Dragon requested that Tinís upgrade and modify its original design to rectify the shortcomings like the warped sidecar, unbalanced bike and sidecar, poor paint job, weak spokes, crude detailsÖÖ.

Tinís complied with this request and began a second and improved production run of the Zündapp in 2005. All the weaknesses of the earlier model were rectified. Even then, Dragonís Quality Control team found that over 50% of these vehicles were still not up to Dragonís request standards, and these were rejected. This ensured that all of Dragonís Zündapps were of the best possible standard. On top of this, though, were the extra upgrade features and genuine parts added by Dragonís own engineers, which gave the Zündapp more accurate detail and many fully functioning parts.

Dragon has built its reputation on coming out with the highest quality products possible, and with this Zündapp offering, Dragon has made sure to rectify all the previous problems and made several improvements on their own before putting their stamp of approval on it. This is to ensure that our loyal customers and fans get a high quality Zündapp worthy of the Dragon logo and not just trying to slap a logo on the Schuco bike and pass it off as our own.

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