The Mighty Dragon Hobby Expo 2005 is COMING!

Dragon Models Limited is proud to announce Dragon Hobby Expo 2005 - "Comrades-in-Arms"! This four-day special event will be held from July 21st thru 24th 2005 at the Cobb Galleria Centre in Atlanta, Georgia, and features a full program of events including special guests, seminars, historical exhibits, contests, prizes . and, of course, the kind of convention exclusives which only Dragon Models can deliver!

For Hobbyists, By Hobbyists .

DX'05 isn't just your ordinary show - it's Dragon Models' way of saying "Thank You" to its loyal fans and supporters, our "comrades-in-arms" in the hobby. So rather than sponsor an existing convention as in previous years, this time we broke with tradition and are working directly with hobbyists and collectors to make the kind of show YOU want . because this show is for YOU!

Seminars, Contests, Sneak Previews .

Not only will DX'05 feature a 36,000 square foot exhibition floor filled to the brim with the latest products and hard-to-find collectibles, we will also be running two conference rooms throughout the show for special events - including sneak previews of upcoming Dragon products, informative seminars by military experts, special customizing seminars by some of the most talented customizers in the hobby today, special events for young collectors, and the Mighty Dragon Trivia Contest with prizes!

Two Shows, One Price.

General Admissions: $10 per person per day

In addition to its own separate program of events and exhibit hall, DX'05 will be running concurrently with the National Convention of the International Plastic Modelers' Society ( - right next door! We've worked out a special agreement with IPMS where everyone with daily admission to DX'05 will also be granted admission to the IPMS sales and exhibit areas. The IPMS show will feature its own program of events, including contests and exhibits by some of the finest master modelers from all over the world - AND an exhibit area for real historical and military equipment. See how the pro's do it, pick up some techniques for your own collection!

Real People, Real History .

One thing which unites military hobbyists of every scale is a profound interest and respect for history - and we share it, too! That's why at Dragon Hobby Expo you'll see individual exhibits from some of the foremost military and historical museums in the U.S. - not repros, not reenactors (although you'll see some of them too!) - but the REAL deal. And when you're finished looking at pieces of real history, you can meet and talk with the men who MADE history - that's right, we'll have a full program of special events featuring VIP guests and veterans from World War II thru the Present. Stay tuned on that - much more to come!

Exclusives, exclusives .

What would a Dragon show be without special convention exclusives? We've been working on some truly special projects across virtually all of Dragon's product lines to offer conventioneers and attendees - including one VERY special exclusive you definitely WON'T want to miss! All of them will be there at the show, available for you to take home with you!

And Still More .

This is just the beginning - keep checking back on this site for more information and show-related announcements as they become available for release.

DX'05 is coming . hope to see YOU there!

* Event and time schedule subject to change.