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7/27/2005 - Johann Huber Transcript

As we have mentioned before, Dragon Expo has put up the english transcript of Mr. Johann Huber's story during the Friday night dinner event. Click here for the transcript of his wonderful story! Stay tuned for more post DX05 reports and picture updates.

7/24/2005 - Sunday, Contest And Conclusion at DX'05

7/23/2005 - Saturday, Zündapp at DX'05

7/22/2005 - Friday Photos Update

7/21/2005 - Thursday, 21st At Dragon Expo

Today marks the first day of the inaugural Dragon Hobby Expo in Atlanta. The opening of the show set the tone for the day as over one hundred conventioneers lined up to check-in during the first hour! Many of the show attendees managed to get several great deals from the vendors who were present, and combined with some of the attendees from the IPMS Nationals next door, the show floor was very busy indeed. read more... see pictures...

7/13/2005 - Dragon Armor Exclusive

Dragon Armor Exclusive featuring Johann Huber's tank (1/72 Jagdpanzer IV L/70 Dragon Armor die-cast featuring Johann Huber's tank) will be available (limited quantity) at Dragon Expo 2005.

7/12/2005 - World Premiere & Show Special Item List Updated!

World premiere and show special item shopping list has been put together for your shopping convenient at Dragon Expo 2005.

7/12/2005 - Floor Plan and Vendors List Updated!

Here is the list of vendor who will be exhibiting at the Dragon Expo 2005, along with it the newly updated floor plan.

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