Johann Huber Speech At DX'05 Friday Night Dinner

Part 1 (Before Dinner)

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My name is Johann Huber, I am from Bavaria. My place of birth is Munich. I am 80 years old now. In the World War 2 I served at the armed forces. At last I was in the war at the east front as ROB lance corporal and noncom. I turned out into American captivity on May 3rd, 1945. It was 4 hours before the meeting of the U.S. troops (Green Grashoppers) with the Soviets near the Elbe.

I was of the Baltic states of (Latvia, Lithuania) with my division at the retreat at the middle east front

Showing card 1944/1945

occurred over east Prussians, North Poles. we fought against one more than 10fold superior strength of the red army (at the Narew at the Vistula into Pomeranian, Danzig, Gotenhafen) the complete time.

Numerical example of the superior strength

As of February 1945, there was our main task of guaranteing the removal with ships of 1 ½ millions people out of the ports Danzig and Gotenhafen with our defense.

Card of March 24th, 1945

The Soviet marshal Rokossowskij had threatened all soldiers with the destruction (the death) by handbills if we don't surrender.

Handbill with translation

At last at the beginning of April 1945 I was surrounded by the Soviets with the rest of the 7th armored division.

Card Oxhöft with Lageübersicht.

Our division counted another 7000 for man. We only had 5 tank crashers and 3 panthers at least.

Form tank crasher 39/IV and panther.

Of a day, April 3rd, 1945, I will report to you now. Continue...

Huber's Speech at DX'05 Friday Night Dinner

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