Latest Update!

Trivia Challenge!

Monday 9/28/2009

DX’09 On-Line Dragon Trivia Challenge! Time to play the DX’09 On-Line Dragon Trivia Challenge! 10 Questions ... 10 Answers ... Prizes for the Top Scores!

New Images For The Armored Truck

Wednesday 8/19/2009


MyDX Now Open!

Monday 8/03/2009

MyDX is now Open!. You may now order your exclusives before

New Exclusives

Monday 8/03/2009


70736 - 1/6 WH Infanterie NCO "Dieter Radler" $64.95


DX09 Online

Monday 7/20/2009

Due to an overwhelming demand from our supporters, Dragon Expo is back…with a different twist! Since DX’08 in Virginia Beach, the world experienced several global events like the economic downturn and the swine flu that has changed everyone’s buying and traveling habits. This is why Dragon Expo 2009 has moved to a place where people from all over the world can participate – Online!

Yes, this year’s Dragon Expo, hosted by the MDFC, will be available through cyber-space. Like previous years, DX’09 Online will have several exciting exclusive items available for qualified “attendees”.

Those who are eligible for DX’09 Online include: 1) Previous Dragon Expo Pre-Registered Conventioneers, 2) Qualified MDFC members, 3) and previous Dragon Expo vendors that qualify. These people will be contacted through an email invite (taken from previous DX databases) with information on how to register and order your exclusives. Exclusives will be shipped to you when the items are ready.

In addition to the exclusives, the MDFC will also host a series of activities. In addition to the ever-popular action figure preview, there will also be contests, trivia, and many other fun activities. Stay tuned to the MDFC or for future announcements!

* Event and time schedule subject to change.