Trivia Challenge!

Time to play the DX09 On-Line Dragon Trivia Challenge!

10 Questions ... 10 Answers ... Prizes for the Top Scores!

How well do you know your Dragon figure trivia -- are you up to the Mighty Dragon Trivia Challenge? Join quizmaster Spanky and his crack team of "Dragonologists", including Dragon figure expert Scott Crawford, for the DX09 On-Line Dragon Trivia Challenge!

Put your knowledge of Dragon figures to the test, answer the most questions correctly and win a prize!

10 questions, 10 answers; most correct answers get to chose from the following cool prizes:

71421 German Panzer Camo Uniform Accessory Set

71423 German Kurzer 8cm Granatwerfer 42 Accessory Set

71427 German Luftwaffe Pilot Action Pack

This contest will be very similar to the Blitz Trivia and the MDFC Trivia contests in the past, in the Trivia Contest section on the MDFC. The questions will be posted in the Trivia Contest Section, and members will have 5 days to find the answers and submit them. Once all the points have been added up, the official answers, results, and winners of the prizes will be posted in the Trivia Contest section. Instructions on the rules, and how to submit your answers will be posted at the time the contest commences.

So, get ready for some fun, and some digging for facts about Dragon figures!

Stay tuned, and keep watching here for information on when the contest starts.

* Event and time schedule subject to change.